Voice Broadcast

When you have decided you want to begin VoiceBlast-ing your message to your customers, simply do the following:

1. Sign up for free at www.justgocloud.com.
2. Get 120 minutes of calls (to the U.S.) for free to test your LAN and internet connectivity.
3. Use the free minutes to get a feel of the web app.
4. Refer to the “TUTORIALS” link for all our DIY materials and video tutorials.
5. When you’re ready, contact our 24×7 Help Desk to request calls be diverted to your country of destination via http://support.goautodial.com.
6. Use our online payment system (via PayPal) to load more minutes.
7. Start using VoiceBlast.

Why Get a Private Cloud?

Highly scalable regardless of the number of seats you start with or end up using – from 5 seats to 500+ seats, it doesn’t matter to you; we’ll manage the increase at our own cost and effort
Domain branding, i.e. http://www.xyzcompany.com
Company branding on all user interfaces or screens; also called “white label” or “private label”
Multiple admin accounts; a public cloud customer gets only one admin account
Multiple tenant accounts; this is like you being the master account and your ability to create child accounts, whereby each account is a customer on its own under your private cloud
Major customizations and integration is now possible; unlike in the public cloud where any major customization will affect all other tenants and their users, you are the only user of your private cloud. Therefore, any customization work you require will never be a problem

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Much Ado About Cloud

That’s precisely the offer of JustGoCloud:

- NO long-term contracts
- NO deposits
- NO monthly subscription charges
- NO set up fees

Because we know small businesses run their sales, marketing, service or support campaigns seasonally, or it starts and stops all the time, why are other vendors asking you to sign a long-term, non-stop commitment for a year or two or ask you to pay monthly subscriptions per seat even during the times you’re not using them? That’s highway robbery and you know it!

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JustGoCloud is an easy to set up and easy to use, do it yourself (DIY) cloud call center (predictive dialer + inbound ACD and IVR) solution for any type of organization in wherever country you conduct your sales, marketing, service and support activites. Designed for large enterprise-grade call center companies but priced to fit the budget of the Small Business Owner, JustGoCloud uses intuitive graphical user interfaces so that deployment is quick and hassle-free, among its dozens of hot features.

Using secure cloud infrastructures certified by international standards, JustGoCloud is a "Use Anywhere, Anytime" cloud call center/hosted dialer web app so that you can create more customers for life – in the office, at home or at the beach.

Major Features

  • On-demand, pay as you go, stop and continue anytime
  • No contracts to sign
  • Inbound, outbound and blended call handling
  • Predictive, ratio and preview mode for outbound dialing
  • Broadcast and survey press 1 calls
  • Wizard based configurations
  • Full call recording
  • Scalable to thousands of seats
  • USA, UK and Canada call compliance

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    *base rate (a small percentage of US destinations are higher than $0.016/minute)